Hydrophilic Spunbond

 Hydrophilic Nonwovens Through hydrophilic treatment of non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics can absorb water.In applications, such as baby diapers, adult diapers, women's sanitary napkins, hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, hydrophilic effect, can make the liquid quickly transmitted to the absorption core body, hydrophilic non-woven fabrics itself absorption performance is not good, the general moisture regain rate is about 0.4%, while maintaining the product surface dryness in the rapid diversion.Hydrophilic non-woven fabric has good handle, does not scratch the skin, and is a long fiber process, the fiber is not easy to fall off, both sanitary and safe.


Dermatological safe , Soft , Uniform & smooth , Easy to cut & stitch ,Washable , Economical Anti-pull , Anti-bacterial treatment is also available on specific demand.


Eco-friendly, harmless, water repellent, non-toxic, etc


· Technic: spunbonded

· Weight range: 12-200gsm
· Width of machine: max 2.5m at present, can be splitted.
· Embossing: dot
· Color: a lot of colors for optional or customized

(10-40gsm) for medical/hygiene as disposable medical products and decrotions on ceremony

(15-30gsm) diapers,personal healthcare products

(60-100gsm) shopping bags,tablecloth,compound packing material,filter material

(50-120gsm) household products,furniture,spring mattress,bedding and suitcase interlinging

(50-100gsm1-5%UV) agriculture covers and weed-control fabric


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