Baby Diapers With SAP

superabsorbent polymers (known as SAP) are water-insoluble polymer, cross-linked copolymer of acrylic acid. It is in the form of white, odourless granules. This water-absorbing polymer is produced by acrylic acid and a cross-liner solution through polymerization. This product has the character of superabsorbent which makes this material could absorb and retain water of hundreds of times of its weight shortly. Moreover, this product is able to hold absorbed water even against pressure.

SAP has a unique body-shaped network structure, which gives it a superior water absorption capacity. And SAP absorbs water quickly and has good water retention performance. Even if it is subjected to an external force, it is difficult to separate the absorbed moisture and have a certain elasticity. Therefore, SAP has been widely used in the field of sanitary products, and has become one of the main raw materials for baby diapers and adult diapers.

Thinner and lighter, reducing the amount of fluff pulp has become the trend of modern baby diapers. At present, there has been a method of using a powder layer (gradually pulverized) as a core, that is, superfine SAP and fluff pulp are mixed together as a core. The product has good diffusion and anti-leakage properties and can be applied to any kind of baby diapers or sanitary napkins.

In the case of using less fluff pulp, the liquid transport and short-term storage performance of the diaper are lowered. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the application of thicker and better performing conductive layers. This also gives rise to the overall softness of the baby diaper - by using other soft materials, such as a laminate of a breathable film and a soft hot air bonded nonwoven, a softer conductive layer and soft and fluffy surface layer.

Superabsorbent has been widely tested and is considered to be non-toxic by ingestion or application to the skin and not irritating or sensitising to the skin. Testing against various ecological indicator organisms indicates that the material does not represent an environmental hazard.

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