Cooling Body Wipes

Cool down and use some Good Uncommon Scents wherever the day takes you.

When you need a quick, effective clean on the run, our Cooling Body Wipes make quick work of oil, dirt and impurities. Our wipes are durable enough to stand up to heavy use and purposely sized to clean all-over. Designed for both face and body, they contain pure activated charcoal, which quickly absorbs grime and toxins while helping to neutralize odor. We know they time doesn't always allow for a shower, so we created the next best thing - so quick, easy & astonishingly effective, you may never need to bathe again. We're kidding about that, but they do work really well.

For the first time, cooling post-workout cleansing wipes to keep you feeling clean and refreshed after the sweatiest of workouts.  

Nothing like getting in a good sweat during yoga + workouts, but nothing is worse than having that sweat stay on you long after your session.  Now you can sweat and remove dirt, sweat and odor easily and instantly for people on the go.  Remove sweat and odor in between yoga and important meetings and feel refreshed with our refreshing and reviving Eucalyptus scent.  Cooling +  cleansing active body wipes, clean and refreshed your body after the sweatiest of sessions.

No Parabens
No Artificial Fragrance
Great for travel
Our Cooling + Cleansing Active wipes are Paraben-free, unlike most body wipes.  Accented with a fresh and soothing scent, it provdes you with a relaxing scentual experience.

We ask that you make Cleansing Wipes an integral part of your daily pre and post yoga and fitness ritual.

Directions: Use on hands, feet and body after yoga or exercise.  Throw out wipe after use.

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