Medical Protective Clothing Spunbond

Nonwovens are increasingly being used in medical disposables and durable protective clothing for a wide range of markets with very differing requirements. These clothing are required to shield medical personnel from viral infections, to clothing for hazardous industrial processes, firefighters' uniforms, and military and anti-ballistic applications. Nonwoven fabrics offer excellent liquid resistance, tensile strength, and hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties. 

Medical and Hygienic Textiles
The medical and hygienic textile is a field with large and robust market demand as it is closely related to life and health. The market potential is continuing to be released with the improvement of the income level and change of consumption ideas.Regarding the medical dressing, operation cloth and disposable hygienic products, China has a very big production capacity and is also the world`s leading producer and exporter. The export medical and hygienic textiles was 3.19 billion dollars in 1-11, 2015, registering 1.35% in year-on-year growth. To be more exact, the export of sanitary pads and baby diaper was 1.43 billion dollars with an increase of 3.89%. The export of medical protective clothing made of nonwovens is 0.99 billion dollars with an increase of 4.27%. However, the export of gauze, bandage and other medical dressings is 0.77 billion dollars and decreased by 6.28%.The enterprises which produce the medical dressings and medical exposure suits have to turn to the overseas market as they have difficulty with hospital procurement system in China.

Medical and health non-woven fabrics: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection package cloth, masks, diapers, civilian cloths, wipes, wet towel, magic towel, Counting Towel Roll, beauty supplies, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, and disposable sanitary cloth, etc.; 

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