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Deodorant wipes are used for cleansing and refreshing oneself while providing effective protection particularly to your underarms and preventing the formation of bacteria that cause body odor. These wipes are gentle on the skin and some have fresh scents which will provide users a feeling of freshness. They can also be used after mammography examinations such that after application they provide the patient with clean, comfortable and refreshed feeling.

Once A Week (OAW) is a weekly deodorant wipe designed to give protection against all natural body odors while used only once a week. It reliably solves body odor problems and is a water-based deodorant. It provides you with a continuous week-long protection even after performing a series of activities that make you sweat excessively such as cycling, hiking, workout, dancing and many other activities. It is also designed not to affect the natural process of the body and uses a bacteria to fight bacteria formed after sweating. The friendly bacteria is called pio-lacobacillus which is made to exist on the outer layer of the skin to inhibit the odor-causing bacteria.

The weekly deodorant wipe is different from the usual antiperspirants that block the sweat from forming but has the tendency to clog pores in our skin leading to darkened skin particularly in the underarms area. This wipe allows natural perspiration to occur but does not wash away the wipe`s active ingredients, eventually not requiring constant application. The water-infused tissue is unlike a wet wipe which is used by simple rubbing over target areas such as the armpits, feet, genitalia.

Some wipes for underarm sweating may come in a pack of six and sometimes in pack of 20 and are designed to be pocket-size. Some may contain natural extracts and vitamins while being mild to the skin to protect against wetness. Vitamin B5 is known to protect against body odor while the natural extracts may be Aloe Vera extracts. Most deodorant wipes are thick but soft, are stain free and non-sticky. Most are free from alcohol and aluminum salts but are usually dermatologically tested to gently maintain the natural  balance of the skin.

It is best to use deodorant wipes that are free from aluminum since aluminum-filled deodorant wipes may be effective in blocking excessive sweating and in stopping the formation of bacteria that are harmful to our body. Aluminum compounds particularly aluminum chlorohydrate can be easily absorbed by the skin and accumulate in the body which can possibly cause breast cancer to women and some neurological problems such as Alzheimer`s disease.

Some deodorants may also contain aluminum zirconium which is also linked to breast cancer and may also cause anemia and bone disease. It is important to use deodorants with natural ingredients such as coriander, lichen, tea tree, chamomile and clay.

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