Hot Air Through Fabric

Hot air through Non Woven Fabric is one of baby & adult diaper's raw material .There are two different performances of hydrophilic and hydrophobic. And has SSS,SMS,SMMS Nonwoven fabrics for hygiene products. 

PP/PE hot air through fabric, PP/PET hot air through fabric, Hydrophilic hot air through fabric, Hydrophobic hot air through fabric


1. Hydrophilic.

2. Web clear and lowest rewet.

3. Soft and fluffy.

4. High bulked fiber structure,web clear and lowest rewet.

5. Itself does not absorb water.

6. Spread liquid several times to help spread.

7. Strong capability of liquid acquisition & distribution.


Disposable personal health care products, such as baby diaper, adult diaper, women sanitary napkins, sanitary pads,etc.

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