SSMMS Spunbond

 SSMMS non-woven fabric is a new kind of composite material, which is composed of 3 layers of spunbonded non-woven fabric and 2 layer of melt-blown non-woven fabric. Because of its soft handle, good filtering effect, good air permeability and high strength, it can effectively prevent the invasion of dust and harmful particles and cross-infection in the field of medical and health care. It is widely used in filtering materials, disposable medical consumables, health materials and other fields.

  Because of its good waterproof and air permeability, thin SSMMS products are especially suitable for disposable medical consumables and sanitary market. They are widely used in sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence diapers, anti-leakage edge and backing products.


1) Shopping bags,tablecloth,compund packing material,filter material

2) Medical field: Face mask; Surgical gown, protective colthes, operation cover, cap, shoe cover, bed sheet etc.

3) Sanitary and Health: Baby & adult diaper, feminie hygiene, hygiene pad, spron, incontinece pad etc

4) Agriculture and horticulture covers

5) Usage:widely used alone or as components of apparel, home furnishings, health care, engineering, industrial and consumer goods etc.

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