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Dry Baby Wipes (What Are They and How to Use Them)

Dry baby wipes are an incredibly flexible tool for cleaning up babies and their messes because of their versatility, durability, reusability, larger size, and overall value. They are normally made of 100% cotton and can be used in place of standard baby wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues.

You never know what kind of mess your baby will be creating for you next, but you know it`s coming. I love having a few dry baby wipes handy because they let me tackle it in the best way possible for that particular situation. Let`s walk through the basics and see how they compare to regular wet wipes.

In essence, a dry baby wipe really is very similar to a normal baby wipe without the cleaning solution added. Practically, you can think of these as a paper towel, baby wipe, and tissue all rolled into one product. Let me list a few common features of my current favorite dry wipe. Although there are many different brands on the market and the details will vary, most of them will have the same basic features and utility. In fact, this is the same kind of dry baby wipe that you`ll find in many nurseries at the hospital.

Durability – These are made from 100% cotton and they are meant to hold up to multiple uses. What this means is that you can dry up a spill, rinse it out, and use it to wipe your baby`s face. You can think about it like a paper towel on steroids. Since they are dry, you can also store them easily in places you might not want to store a wet wipe like the car.

Value – You can find these particular wipes for about $.04 per wipe which is pretty average, at least for natural baby wipes. Since they are so durable, you can truly use these as disposable washcloths and get even more value out of them by using fewer throughout the day.

Size – Average baby wipes are about 5.5 by 7.5 inches which gives you about 40 square inches of real estate. These wipes, however, are 10 by 13 inches – an incredible 130 square inches! This means you`ll get much more absorbency.

Soft and gentle – These are made from cotton and designed to be as soft as possible for use on fragile or sensitive skin. Just because they are tough, doesn`t make them rough! Since they don`t have any solution on them, there will also be no issues with harmful chemicals in the wipes that could cause diaper rash or other irritation.

Versatility – If you need to wipe up a spill, use them dry. If you are just wiping off food from a dirty face, soak them in warm water. If you need to give your baby a bath, use water and gentle soap. Once they are wet, rinse them and use them again!

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