Dry Towel

100% cotton towel, Facial clean towel, Dry Wipes

High grade non-woven cotton, more thicker, softer and tender for cleaning;
Gentle enough for baby's delicate skin, hands, and face, no viscous feeling after using;
Hypoallergenic natural formula contains aloe vera and Vitamin E, can effectively maintain moisture on baby's skin;
Chlorine free, alcohol free, and unscented;
Convenient packing provides a quick and easy way to take baby on the way.

Dry Wipes and washcloths are available in many different styles and sizes. There are disinfectant wipes, dry facial wipes and dry wipes for adults as well as infants. There are economical brands and some that are towel size. All are manufactured to be disposable, but some can be flushed down the toilet. They are packaged in hard plastic containers, round canisters, and soft packs. Dry washcloths can also be found in scented and unscented versions. They are used for cleaning surfaces like toilet seats, automobiles, floors, and countertops. Many are also designed for personal cleaning like wiping babies or adults. Industrial strength dry cloths can absorb liquids, grease and dirt and not fall apart. Others are designed to be soft and comfortable to the touch.

The Dry Wipes in this category are ideal for everyday use in many different settings. Perfect for hospitals, baby care and beauticians, they are available in individual packs or in money saving multi packs.

The description of Microfiber polyester cleaning wiper:

1.The whole process are under stringent quality control.
2.The materials of the wipers are 100% polyester long fiber.
3.With high absorption, high abrasion resistance ,softness.
4.Single layer and low lint cleanroom wiper.
5.Cut and sealed by laster or ultrasonic ,washed and dried.
6.High efficiency to wipe in wet environment.
7.Portable and convenient pop-up packing.

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