100% Cotton Towel

100% premium cotton, chemical free, and unscented cotton tissues. Ideal for baby and adult`s sensitive skin, use to wipe face and remove makeup, incontinence care, etc. Soak water to become handmade water wipes, avoid the harsh chemicals in wet wipes.

[Pure Cotton Tissue]US FDA certification.The cotton baby dry wipes use pure natural high-quality cotton fiber . Soft and comfortable material are suitable for babys and adult`s sensitive skin. No extra chemical,degradable material, no pollution to the environment.

[Dry and Wet Dual Use]Dry baby wipes are high tensile strength which can be dual use. After the cotton dry baby wipes wet with warm water, reducing the irritation of your baby`s soft skin.It can be washed 2-3 times.

[Flexible & Absorbent]The thickened design of baby wipes has good water absorption and is easier to wipe.Besides,the cotton dry wipes is not easy teared,will not leave residue after wiping.

[Multi-purpose] The cotton tissue can also be used for Personal care/Baby care/Women makeup removing/House cleaning/Office cleaning/Outdoor use and can be repeated use. But remember don`t flush the tissue, dispose of used tissues in trash.

[Top Quality & Huge Discounts]Pick daily & fully requirements. Move up and greeting your daily housekeeping. Catch up your chance and no more hesitation!

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