Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Wood pulp and pure natural fibers would be used increasingly in the production

In favor of cost reduction, wood pulp is chosen as the raw material of flushable wipe material. Air laid nonwovens has the advantage in using wood pulp (some products the ration can reach up to 90%).While for spunlace nonwovens, the ratio can reach up to 50%-70%.Our dispersible substrate for wet laid nonwovens of toilet wet tissues can reach up to 60%.In a long term run, wood pulp would still be the popular material with consumers and manufacturers. Also they would be used in the flushable wipe market since more and more factories would use this kind of raw material.

As to pure natural wet wipes, you need to know that both the wipe material and ingredients must be 100% natural. As a expert in this field, we do not only offer you the flushable/biodegradable wipe material, also we offer the most natural ingredients for the wipes. More and more clients need the products without alcohol, No paraben, fragrances, especially for baby and sensitive skin. We can create organic and pure natural ingredients for our clients based on different purpose.
There is another important key factor in private labeling of flushable wet wipes, package. Package plays an important role in the marketing of wipes since people can not see the wipes in it and package attractive has been the main reason that the consumer can choose from various wipes products on the shelf. It is necessary for you to design the creative and attractive design for your package. The quantity of wipes included in one package should also be considered.

Custom 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber wet wipes
As a true believer in Eco friendly products,we are dedicated to supplying 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber wet wipes.
Traditional wet wipes made from viscose fibers which come from hardwood trees.Those hardwood trees grow slow and it takes years to make it up for the environment cycle.While,bamboo is different since it grows fast that makes sense for environment.The bamboo based wet wipes are 100% biodegradable since the material is made from fibers from bamboo.We offer custom services for the 100% biodegradable wet wipes. 

Eco friendly, 100% biodegradable wipe
Our flushable wipe is Eco friendly, 100% biodegradable wipe. We choose this material for our baby wipes, personal hygiene wipe, toilet wipes. Additionally, the formulation of dispersible wipes is improved natural ingredients which are gentle to our skin. They are perfectly for sensitive skin types.

Cellulose/viscose wet wipe means that the wipe material is made from plants fibers such as cotton,wood,bamboo etc.In this period,the pure cotton biodegradable wet wipe,bamboo biodegradable wet wipes,kapok biodegradable wet wipes are classified as natural products.

Full Viscose Fiber Based MaterialViscose fiber is made from natural plants.Based on different plants source,there are three types of full viscose fibers which are chosen as wet wipe material.The pure cotton non-woven is made from Cotton viscose fiber based on brei pulp Generally,the pure cotton nonwoven is yellowish color.With the development of production lines,the production capacity of pure cotton is increasing rapidly and the price of pure cotton material is reducing.Another type of viscose fiber is made from wood pulp,this kind of full viscose fiber material wipe has bright color and the soft feel and great hydrophilic property.However,this kind of wipe is not very common in China.The bamboo viscose fiber made from bamboo can be used as material of wipes.This kind of bamboo fiber wet wipe has yellowish but bright color.This kind of wipe is not very common either.It is known to us that the bamboo grow fast and no chemical fertilizer and pesticide are needed for its growth,so it is very natural and healthy.It is the best option in aspect of eco-friendly.Additionally,the bamboo fiber itself provides certain antimicrobial nature.As a result,the bamboo fiber wet wipe has great market potential.All viscose fiber based wet wipes can degrade naturally and all of them are eco-friendly products.If you burn the full viscose fiber based material,no smoke and no left.

Biodegradable flushable bamboo WipesThere are more and more flushable options available in the market,flushable wet wipes are favored by the market because of its flushable feature.On our side,we can offer two kinds of biodegradable and flushable wet wipes.They are wipes made from wood pulp and bamboo fibers.Flushable bamboo wet wipe is the newly added products we induced.The wipe material made from bamboo fibers provides many benefits.Bamboo fibers are made from bamboo which would not harm to our environment.This kind of biodegradable flushable bamboo wipe has yellowish color and bright and there are fewer clients choose this kind of wipe.The bamboo grows fast and no Chemical fertilizers and pesticides included.Also,the biodegradable flushable bamboo wipe provides certain anti bacteria feature.As a result,this kind of bamboo wet wipes are acknowledged by the clients.Additionally,the flushable bamboo wipes can dissolve quickly naturally and would not cause environment pollution.  

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