Baby Pull-up

Disposable Diaper Baby Pull-up Features:

1. Cloth-like Breathable Back-sheet: Soft cottony backsheet immediately disperse 
frowst and moisture.

2. Imported SAP and Wood Pulp: Imported material makes the cotton core ultra soft, 
high absoption and natural to baby skin, deeply care to babies.

3. Elastic Waist Band: Flexible naturally and well fitting when babies are moving 
or quiet. 

4. 3D -Leak Guard: Well fitting and side leakage-proof.

5. Breathable Top-sheet: New instant absorption top sheet by micropore designing 
that can make baby buns soft.

6. Personalized Fit Conforms to Babies' Curves: This is special design for baby`s 
legs and buns curve, which lessens the rub between legs.

7. Wetness Indicator: It will turn into light green when baby urinate, which is 
more convenient to remind parents to change diaper.

8. Cotton Soft Perforation Surface: 360 super absorption with million holes 
effectively absorb the liquid to keep baby dry.

Contact Person: Michelle Yu



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