Flushable Baby Wipes

Flushable and compostable baby wipes are made with materials that will readily break down when they are thrown away, making them less of an environmental problem than conventional options. Some are even made from things like bamboo, which is highly renewable and has many natural benefits like built-in antimicrobial abilities. As with any wipes, you`ll want to look for options that eschew the ingredients already mentioned and just be sure you look for chlorine-free baby wipes, too. 

Our flushable wipe is Eco friendly, 100% biodegradable wipe. We choose this material for our baby wipes, personal hygiene wipe, toilet wipes. Additionally, the formulation of dispersible wipes is improved natural ingredients which are gentle to our skin. They are perfectly for sensitive skin types.

There are many applications can be involved in flushable wet wipe industry. The applications include baby wipes, toilet tissues, feminine hygiene wipe, Incontinence wipes, bathing wipes, cosmetic wipe, facial wipes, bathroom cleaning wipes, household wipes, medical wipes, personal wipes, industry wipes, dusting wipes etc. There are no flushable products in some of those applications. It is expected that flushable wipe can enter into those applications in the near future, so for the future market of flushable wipe is promising. When consumers purchase the wipes, there are many factors they need to take into account including convenience, hygiene, performance, price, eco- friendly, allergy problems. Flushable wet wipes can meet those factors in great extent. The nonwoven substrate is made from pure natural plants fibers and wood pulp, both of those materials would not cause skin problems. Compared with wipes made from petroleum based raw material, there is no doubt that flushable material would lead to less allergy problems, let alone eco friendly feature.

We do not only produce raw material for flushable wipe, also we manufacture finished products. Our flushable wipes series includes:
Flushable baby wipes
Our flushable baby wipes are specially made for 0-6 month`s baby
The raw material is of pure natural cellulosic fiber and can be discarded into the toilet and sewerage system since it is flushable. The nonwoven paper delivers super soft feeling. No Alcohol or any other chemicals are included in the composition, so the baby`s skin can be protected perfectly.
Flushable toilet wipes
In flushable wipe market,the largest market is adult moist toilet tissue.Our flushable toilet wipe is made of 100% biodegradable spunlace nonwoven material. It can disperse easily in the toilet. You can treat it as common toilet roll paper, just discard it into the toilet and sewerage system. It is safe and eco-friendly. With our flushable toilet wipes, your skin would cleaner and cooler since it delivers better cleaning result than common toilet roll paper. The pure natural ingredients can care your skin in your private area. You can use it with roll paper.
Flushable feminine wipes
Our flushable feminine wipes is specially made for women`s period, before and after birth care and daily care. Low-acid ingredients deliver perfect protection for private area and prevent bacterial infection and odors. It is provides ideal result for private area cleaning after sex.
OEM/private labeling services provided for flushable wipes
We offer complete flushable wipes products solutions. Private labeling/OEM service is included in our scope except the production and supply of raw material and our branded products. We have been provided OEM services for many famous brands around the world. We can offer customized wipe material, size and package based on your requirement and market demand.
Our wipes are dispersible and biodegradable and it is also septic safe. For flushable baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes and toilet tissues, we offer various types of packages based on your requirements. Generally, there are three types of packages for flushable wipes products. You can design your package and send us your samples for volume production. In addition, we can send the package and material samples to our clients for reference.In addition, we can offer help in aiding the formulation process. You can define your pure natural ingredients list.
We are the expert of private labeling services of flushable/biodegradable wipes. Nowadays, flushable wet wipes which can disperse easily is favored by more and more end consumers and the businessmen.100% natural products has great market potential since it would produce waste. As a kind of fast consumer goods, wet wipes are one of the most used products in daily life. Wipe is must in your pocket or bag. However, most of the wet wipes are non-flushable/biodegradable version.

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