Spunbond For Baby Diaper

A.Product description:
SMMS Hydrophilic core nonwovens for baby diaper absorbent pad

1.Basic weight:

normal 10 gsm, focus on lower and thinner trends of baby diaper, the lowest we can go 8gsm few factory can compete and catch!


lighter, lower cost than SSS spunbond nonwovens


spunmelt,higher density, good consistence unifomity of surface, much safer more effective in SAP and particle barrier

4.Raw material:  

Polypropylene (pp) all purchased from big and approved factory in China or abroad, such  as China national petroleum corporation group, ExxonMobil Chemical


Surfactant agents from Pulcra Chemical, less than1.5-2.0 seconds penetration

1.TQM (Total Quality Management systerm),

each roll go through 6 checks in whole production process

2.Fully enclosed production workshop

3.Perfect checkout room


● High quality, stable uniformity, adequate weight;
● Soft feeling, eco friendly, recycleable, breathable;
● Good strength and elongation;

● Anti bacteria, UV stablized,flame retardant processed.

1)100% eco-friendly nonwoven fabric

2) 10-300 GSM

3)standard width:according to customer's demand,max3.2m

4) breathable and disposable

(1).Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric which is formed by directly using high polymer slice, short fibers or filament fiber into wet formation through air flow or machine into network,

(2). And then through the water thorn, acupuncture, or hot rolled reinforced. 

(3).It is a new fiber product which has soft, breathable and plane structure features 

(4).Does not produce fiber crumbs, strong, durable, soft as silk, but also the feeling of cotton advantages. 

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